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Google To Block Paid Search Keyword Data With Not Provided
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Dear Friends, It's time of new post. The biggest buzz this week has been in the world of online SEO world has been that the paid form of search query data will disappear and that even those who provide third agent tools can be slammed. I believe, it has created quite a stir in the market and it’s necessary that we look into the reality in the matter of keywords (not provided) for paid search. Lets go through the below pointers to have a better understanding of the matter.   Is it still possible to reach my paid search query data- The answer is YES, of  course, with the help of the search terms report options in AdWords.   The search terms report options is not new to AdWords – Contrary to popular belief, the search terms report is not new but has been there for quite some time now. However, in the past we use to call it Search Performance Query Report and even today the API version for this report is known as th
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