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Games are synonym with entertainment and we at Miracle Studios are, a prominent game development company in India, are well aware of the features users look for in their games. From choosing the right colours and textures, to designing apt characters and developing interesting stories, each and every detail of our games is personally supervised by our proficient experts. Incredible graphics, amazing sounds and wonderful story lines, these are some of the prominent features of games being developed these days. No longer a domain dominated by kids, today’s games are being designed keeping in mind audiences in varied age groups, having different preferences and possessing diverse skill set.

If designed well, a game has the capability of keeping users involved in its fascinating world of creative characters and imaginative settings. This is where the unrestricted creativity of our designers comes into play. By allowing them to cross the set boundaries and challenge their own abilities, we can create entertaining and appealing games. Not only designing and development, but regular testing of the game at every step of the process ensures high quality and unmatched results for our clients, enchaining their standing and profitability. Incorporating new technology and our years of experience, we are capable of developing games compatible with various platforms. This ensures that your users do not have to depend on any one platform to fully enjoy the gaming experience you want them to. Being entertaining for your users and financially rewarding for you, our high end games are just what you are looking for.


Unity 3D

An idea, no matter how outstanding, is of no use, until there is a technology equally exclusive to give it an impressive shape. Unity 3D is our magic tool, enabling us to create something special and completely incredible for our clients. Visual appeal is a prominent factor, attracting users towards a game and this amazing tool is laced with the latest features which let us create a smooth and totally unforgettable experience for your users. Well designed high quality animated characters are the life of your game, through which your users connect with you and your game. So make sure not to compromise with quality. Unity 3D helps the transition between creativity, style and quality easier for us. Get ready for the next gen games, offering an experience never heard before.

Cocos 2D

COCOS 2D is one of the most powerful cross platform 2D game engine. Loaded with potent features, this framework has built some of the most successful games like Angry Birds, Mega Jump, Action Pig and Tiny Wings. The best feature of COCOS 2D is it is easy to learn and use. A powerful library for the iPhone, COCOS 2D can save you a lot of time and efforts while building your iPhone game. Some of the exciting features of this framework include sprite support, super-cool features, captivating graphics, amazing sound engines and much more.

Making games is one thing…

Promote your game, create your market and reap the profits

How to make money with the games?

You have designed a project which is sure to interest your target users and hired the best services for android game development as well. Now all you need to do is market it effectively to ensure that it reaches to the masses you are targeting. But the question is how to do it. We are here to answer this question with our streamlined and professionally organized marketing services after successful iPhone games development India. Our knowledge, skills and experience regarding this market and its ever changing trends, enables us to facilitate the marketing process for our clients, letting them enjoy the maximum benefits they can avail. We will assist you, not only till the designing and development of your game, but beyond that time when your game reaches the audiences it is meant for. Being a recognised game development company we know popular platforms your target users frequent and making the best use of available resources and our incredible and knowledgeable workforce we make sure that your game rewards you financially

How to promote your games?

Besides what you are promoting, equally important is how and where you are promoting. First know who your target users are and then aim your marketing efforts in that direction. It is as simple as that. But not as simple, as some might mistakenly think. It is not easy to be aware of the dynamic trends of this industry. Besides offering services for iPhone games development we are there to assist you at every step. Promotion is integral for every product. There is no use of developing an outstanding game, if no one else, other than you and your team, knows about it. So let us design a marketing strategy utilizing carefully evaluated data and the niche you want to target. Do not spend your precious energy and time on marketing your game through wrong platforms. From designing and android game development to implementing, we will carry out each and every step of the process, as we do not want you to suffer by offering incomplete services. Everything that you might need to popularize your product is available with us and that too without breaking your bank.

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Platforms on which we have already excelled
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iPhone game Development

A clear example of how digital technology has excelled over the years, iPhones have been making its marks whether it is in terms of graphics, audio, features or controls. Only high quality products are associated with this globally recognized brand. And providing unmatched iPhone game development services, we take pride at being able to create equally fascinating quality games for this platform offering its users the exclusivity they are looking for.

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iPad game development

Here is another example of how Apple has conquered the digital domain with its incredible line of products. Already a preferred choice of millions across the world, iPad is being recognized for its top class quality and advanced features. We are capable of creating products matched to the high level of quality this product possesses. Elegantly designed and interestingly conceptualized games are what we offer to delight our clients and their users.

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Android game development

A relatively new player, but already a well-recognized name, Android game development is a platform with immense possibilities waiting to be explored. Matching other prominent platforms with its quality and features, Android is not something to be ignored if you want to capture a big share of today’s market, which predominantly consists of android users. We at Miracle studios android development company in India realize the resources, knowledge, and experience and more importantly, dedication it involves in planning, designing and android game development to create something matching the varied preferences of innumerable users of this platform. But we are equipped with a vision and ability to turn that vision into reality. So experience class and quality with our incredibly designed line of android games.

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