Go crazy shooting with Save Olivia, a 2D shooting game

Gaming can be fun and the excitement in game may boost your adrenaline. The gaming fun will soon gain another dimension with the exciting arcade style game of shooting. This 8 bit game, Save Olivia will make you go crazy with the complete action packed gaming of 90’s. This 2D game is full of thrill and fun which will not allow you to go away from it once you put your hands on it. Yes, it’s an addiction!


What is it all about?


This new shooting game will make your senses go wild with its stunning graphics, thrilling action and the most powerful hero. This game will bring out the stud in you as you will turn into powerful hero and fight with the evil aliens and save the beautiful princess. This fight will be full of adventure and you will find the blood flowing all through your body which will take your excitement levels to all time high.


The idea behind this thrilling game


The game has beautiful princess who has been abducted by the powerful enemies and these enemies won’t be the normal human beings but they are the aliens. These aliens are further guided by their evil boss. The hi-tech weapons of the aliens will take you through the hilarious fight and yes, you will also have the most advanced sci-fi guns to win the battle. The game is loaded with many quests and benchmarks which can be completed to get the unmatchable powers. More quests you complete, more powers you will gain.


The game is all about your fight for your beloved princess Olivia. All you have to do is cross the various levels and quests to unleash different powerful guns which will help you fight the aliens and free you love from the evils. The game will unfold romance, adventure and sci-fi weapons that will take you through the entire journey of saving Olivia. Not just that, you have to save your princess in the shortest possible time as the time counts. You can be the super hero by completing the task in record breaking time.



The story unleashed


The hero of this game is Johnny who is in love with Princess Olivia who has been kidnapped by the evil aliens and their evil boss. They take her to the isolated place and nobody knows that but you as a hero of the entire adventure would take this task of saving Olivia from these evils in your hands. The task has to be completed in the limited number of lives and that is 3. With these 3 lives and the sci-fi gun, you have to rescue your beloved from the evil aliens in the given time and if you don’t do it then she will be killed by the evil boss.


So, indulge now in the super gaming fun and beware as the path is full of hurdles and you have limited time.


Try the adventure now by downloading it free at  : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.miraclestudiosgames.saveolivia&hl=en

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