Maze Runner Game – Adventure In Mysterious Maze Lands

Have you ever heard anybody survived in the Maze lands!! No one has ever survived even for a single night. But here is a new twist in your life, you have accidentally landed in somewhere remote and strange lands of maze and lost memory of your past life. This land is cloaked mysteries, and there is an element of strangeness in it’s whole environment.



And this is your challenge, you have to deal with these mysteries, protect yourself from the aliens ruling in this land and find out the clues to the mystery of your past life and your escape route from this land.


scary maze runner2


Here you have different risky routes where you have to find your clues. As you find your first clue, you have taken your first step towards your escape. As you start running through the maze, you have to face aliens striking at you. Now here there is a double challenge, not only you have to face these attackers, but also have to find ways to run through mysterious lands, solve puzzles and clues.



Amazing 3 D effects and hair-raising sounds will keep you engrossed in the game for hours at a stretch. With many dangers and strange happenings, it will be your motivation, high spirits, strategies and a game plan that will keep you going. If you have a daring heart, you are sure to win.


Go to play store and download Scary Maze Endless Jungle Run Free Game at and make your way through the evil forest and the strange maze.

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